About Me

Welcome to my personal web page! As a master student at the University of Washington, I am actively seeking 2022 MLE summer intern opportunities. My major interests are Computer Vision and Object Tracking.

Work Experience

  • Machine Learning Engineer (Intern) at Xilinx, Inc.
    Neural Network Post-Training Quantization by Block Reconstruction [Confidentiality Required]
    [Video Demo] [Open Source Code] [Citation]
    • Reconstructed CNN at the block granularity to balance between cross-layer dependency and overfitting.
    • Adopted adaptive rounding for weights and learned step size for activation to achieve low bit quantization.
      block Tensorboard   

Selected Projects

  • Tracktor for Multi-Object Tracking on Pedestrians tracktor   
  • GAN based Celebrity Face Image Generator Celebrity   
  • Instance Segmentation on Balloon dataset Segmentation   
  • Parallelism based analysis of American geographical population distribution Parallelism   
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